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Outpatient Treatment for Drugs & Alcohol

Tomorrow morning, a week, month and year from now you will be glad you started this journey today.


Choice Recovery provides individuals with an environment, culture, and set of tools to succeed in recovery.  Using a holistic approach to care that is founded on evidence-based practices, individuals partnering with Choice have the opportunity to build a new healthier way of life.


While an individual must make recovery their #1 priority, Choice understands it is not their only priority.  Family, work, and life do not stop simply because someone chooses to enter treatment. Thus, we designed our program & schedules to support this reality.


Choosing treatment is one of the most important life decisions an individual will make.   Thus, we will act with an urgency and compassion to answer questions about programming,  scheduling, and eligibility.  If you decide Choice is not right for you, we can help find a facility that is. 

The Choice Recovery Advantage

IOP Online or In Person

IOP at Night

AHCCCS Insurance Accepted

To learn more about Choice Programming and our approach to addiction recovery, visit THE DAILY CHOICE.  The Daily Choice are week in review summaries that highlight several topics discussed in group each week.  



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