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Intensive Outpatient

Our 13-week program includes 9-hours of group therapy per week in conjunction with a weekly one-on-one counseling session with our therapeutic team.  On this journey, you will have the opportunity and be encouraged to participate in our health and wellness sessions that run separate from group.  Through family counseling, EMDR, 12-step and other methods of treatment, our purpose is to prepare you for a wonderful and fulfilling life beyond treatment.

Partial Hospitalization

Choice offers a partial hospitalization program which includes 6-hours of treatment per day, four days a week.  These programs are tailored to purposely treat your illness, which may include off-site therapy at times.  Life presents us with opportunities and challenges throught the day and this program is design to prepare you to succeed in these moments without the use of drugs or alcohol.  


The most dangerous place for someone in recovery could be when they carry the thought that their addiction is under control.  The truth is, only when an addict has learned proper decision-making, recognize when their mind is rationalizing rather than being honest, and they are willing to take responsibility rather than make excuses, is when someone might understand the meaning of being in recovery.  This is what Choices' 3-hour, once a week outpatient program is all about.

Skills Training | Health & Wellness | Mindfulness

Outpatient treatment programs all focus on the trauma or "why" one has been conditioned to abuse drugs and alcohol.  This focus is for good reason and sets the individual in recovery up for success.  However, to live a life in recovery one must also understand how to deal with life issues without turning to drugs & alcohol.  Choice looks to supplement your treatment with various life skills sessions which are designed to assist you learn how to accept life on life's terms.

To learn more about Choice Recovery programming visit THE DAILY CHOICE.  These are week in review summaries of what clients discussed in group and the tools learned to build a life that they love in recovery!


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