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Programming & Schedules


Treatment Your Way: IOP Day & Night | Online or In Person

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Intensive Outpatient

To support the uncertainty of life in recovery, Choice programming is available in the mornings, evenings, weekends, and through telehealth services. We offer group and individual counseling to support and further build an individuals foundation in recovery. In addition to weekly one-on-one counseling session with a master's level clinician, each participant has the support of a life coach to help navigate those barriers we all face in early recovery.

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Specialty Programming

The power of community is unstoppable and what makes addiction treatment so successful. When individuals traveling a similar journey can support, lean on, and learn from one another, miracles can happen. Choice Recovery's MAT Titration Support Program, Couples Workshops, and End Organ Disease Program are avenues to be part of our community. 

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The most dangerous place for someone in recovery could be when they carry the thought that their addiction is under control.  The truth is, only when an addict's thoughts, words, and actions are all in alignment has a foundation in recovery begun to be built. Choice Recovery's stepdown level of care continues to promote purposeful living through outpatient services with the only thing changing is the frequency of visits.

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Skills Training | Health & Wellness | Mindfulness

Outpatient treatment programs all focus on the trauma or "why" one has been conditioned to abuse drugs and alcohol.  This focus is for good reason and sets the individual in recovery up for success.  However, to live a life in recovery one must also understand how to deal with life issues without turning to drugs & alcohol.  Choice looks to supplement your treatment with various life skills sessions which are designed to assist you learn how to accept life on life's terms.

To learn more about Choice Recovery programming visit THE DAILY CHOICE.  These are week in review summaries of what clients discussed in group and the tools learned to build a life that they love in recovery!


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