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Willingness & Passion

What would the world look like if we completed every goal or New Year's resolution we set? Imagine what our health, finances, relationships, and recovery would look like if we followed through on what we said we were going to do.

Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions

As we enter the new year, we know two things for sure, that 2022 will provide us with an abundance of opportunity and that our level of commitment will determine if this opportunity becomes part of our life.

Statistics show that 90% of the time, individuals fail to obtain what they desire. That is, they define what they want, but the mental and physical hurdles encountered on their journey are simply too much, which causes them to retreat to the comforts of old. Many experts claim we fail to follow through on what we want for several reasons, including lack of determination, unrealistic expectations, or we don't have the skills or finances to complete them.

However, each year there is a group of individuals who achieve exactly what they set out to do. They move their lives forward in a useful and satisfying manner. The fact is, these individuals are no more talented than you or me, and most of the time, the resources available to them are no greater than ours; so, why are they able to produce sustainable results when we are not? The uncomfortable truth is they carry a willingness and passion that thwarts their ability to give up.

What willingness and passion provide is:

  • The ability to ignore the doubters and haters.

  • A motivation and curiosity to confront the unknown and uncertainty of change.

  • The persistence to stay focused on their goals in the good times and bad.

  • To accept that success often follows a long and winding road. And,

  • The courage to push through the personal barriers that once stopped them.

If you take the time to create a list of new year's resolutions, take a few extra minutes to reflect on why these resolutions are important to you and what opportunities they will bring to the people and communities you serve. If you do, you will see that achieving your goals does far more than make your life more peaceful and satisfying; they make the world a better place. This awareness is the secret of the 10% who achieve their new year's resolutions and why they have the willingness and passion to never give up. Happy New Year!


Choice Recovery is an evidence based integrated IOP in the Phoenix area that offers intensive outpatient programming for alcohol and drug addiction. Located in downtown Mesa, Choice Recovery is convenient and easy to find, but more importantly, a substance abuse treatment facility dedicated to the individuals we serve.

IOP services are covered by insurance, including plans under AHCCCS. Choice Recovery IOP works with Mercy Care, United Healthcare, Banner University, and AZ Complete Health. To live a life that you love takes a foundation of physical and mental health, both of which Choice Recovery is dedicated to providing. For more information, please call is at 480-527-0337 or email us at


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