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Will This Year Be Different

The New Year is upon us, which brings reflection and hope, a reflection of the past twelve months and hope for the next twelve.

The pandemic of 2020 certainly brought change. The shortages, restrictions, and fear made us question, alter, and even reconfirm our approach to life and recovery. This past year forced us to adapt and create a different way of living far from what we had become accustomed to. Our trust in society and others was questioned, and our commitments were tested. However, in the end, hopefully, your reflection brings a recognition that the year of the pandemic actually made you stronger.

As 2021 begins, we all hope the new year will be different. There is a feeling that the vaccine may return us to a state of normalcy, and the fear of becoming ill or endangering others will vanish. We hope the opportunities, lifestyles, and relationships that were put on hold in 2020 can return, and we hope the narrative being debated has nothing to do with social distancing, face masks, and the number of new cases. We hope that life and recovery can return without all the uncertainty the past year brought forth.

But think about it, truly think about it, is the chaos and uncertainty really going to be any different in 2021 and beyond. Yes, the COVID pandemic will someday be gone, and our face masks will be off, but won't something else come along? We know the media will create a narrative of doom and gloom around something. We know bad things will occur and that hurdles will challenge our choices. A guarantee of 2021 is, with or without the pandemic, that there will be highs & lows, accomplishments & disappointments, and friends & foes. This is simply life, and it is what makes it great.

Our life and recovery are indeed affected by what is going on in the world around us, but the greater influencer is what is going on inside of us. The New Year gets us excited because it focuses on the future; it is the creation of what can be. The New Year is when our recovery paints a beautiful picture full of possibility that is absent of any addictive tendencies. This message of hope is founded on the principles we have developed in the rooms of recovery. It is a faith in our ability to live based on the values recovery has allowed us to cultivate. It is an inspiring message built on the belief that acceptance, purpose, and honesty can take us anywhere we want to go.

What will become apparent in your honest reflection is that you already have everything you need to make your hopes and dreams come true; it is merely a matter of whether you will act. Achieving your hopes and dreams demands an absolute commitment that is void of anything average. It requires a desire for change so powerful that it drowns out your addictive voice. The pandemic, bosses, spouses/significant others, housing, transportation, etc., do not determine your outcomes. What determines the results in life is your commitment, openness, and persistence in doing what you know is right.

How many times have you said that this year will be different, only to have your poor habits and routines take you right back to where you have always been? Is 2021 going to be the year you make the absolute commitment to achieving what you set out to do? If so, all that is required is continuous action based on what you know is right. This is how you create something different. Happy New Year!

About Choice Recovery

Choice Recovery is an outpatient addiction treatment center in Mesa, Arizona. Our integrated programming support individuals looking to transform their lives through staying clean and sober. Choice Recovery offers morning and evening IOP and Saturday groups. Choice offers treatment for opioid addiction, alcoholism, and other substance abuse problems.

Choice Recovery accepts AHCCCS insurance, including Mercy Care and Banner University. Choice also offers specialty programming around health and wellness, MAT Titration, and end organ disease. For more information about Choice Recovery please call 480-527-0337 or email us at


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