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Why Choose Suffering

Do you ever look at others participating in the same meeting or job as you and wonder why they are having so much fun while you sit there miserable? It is a common question for those of us who choose suffering over happiness. Whether we want to admit it or not, suffering is part of everyone's life, but prolonged suffering is most likely something we have chosen.

Why we sabotage our happiness typically stems from laziness. We fail to do what is necessary to release the emotions and feelings life is designed to deliver. What our laziness looks like is:

  • We lack the courage to focus on the truth of our realities.

  • We are scared to address the issues responsible for our unwanted outcomes.

  • We neglect to respond to the good and bad in our lives with purpose.

  • We let our ego identify us as a victim in hopes of finding comfort through sympathy.

  • We resist change in ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us.

Life will never be pain-free. Our realities will always involve highs and lows; it is simply how life works. However, we are in control of how we respond to the feelings, challenges, and situations we encounter; thus, we have the ability to limit the amount of suffering we ingest. It simply comes down to if we are going to take control of our lives.

Limiting suffering in our lives is something we can all do, but it takes a willingness to act:

  • We must challenge the beliefs that have put us in the position to suffer.

  • We must identify and confront the source of our resentments, fear, anger, unhappiness, etc.

  • We must take responsibility for the good and bad in our life without blame or excuse. And,

  • We must be open to acting on the guidance our supports provide.

These steps give us the ability to pursue solutions to what has caused our suffering. Through solutions, we can find possibility, and possibility alters our reality for the better. This is when we realize that it is not that suffering is absent from our world, but that we are letting possibility shine brighter


Addiction Treatment in Mesa is found at Choice Recovery. We offer integrated evidence-based programming designed to support those on their journey in recovery. Addiction treatment IOP's are available in the morning or the evening and via telehealth. Groups are lead by masters level counselors who are dedicated to helping individuals overcome the disease of addiction.

Choice Recovery is located in downtown Mesa near light rail. We take AHCCCS insurance including, but not limited to, Mercy Care and United Healthcare. Everyone enrolled in IOP has the opportunity to meet weekly with an individual counselor and is supported by a recovery coach. For more information please call us at 480-527-0337 or email us at


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