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Welcome to Choice Recovery where our mission is to partner with and support those committed to beating their alcohol and or drug addiction.

We base our approach on the belief that life is a set of choices and those choices determine outcomes. These outcomes determine satisfaction and this satisfaction is what will influence your action today. The result of this equation is often uncomfortable to accept. That is because, if you are not where you want to be, there is no one to blame but yourself. Your past choices, no one else’s, have put you in these current circumstances. However, we also believe that right now you are in the perfect position to build a life that you love.

Choose A Life That You Love

That is, if you have put yourself in this unwanted position, you can get yourself out of it. That is why we like to say that tomorrow morning, next week, next month and next year you will be glad you started your recovery today. While addiction is a disease, sobriety is a choice, and a sober mind is in a much better position to make good decisions than an altered one. Therefore, the sooner you seek treatment, the better decisions you are bound to make which should result in a more satisfying life.

But getting sober involves more than merely stopping the abuse of drugs and alcohol. It is about building a life that you love; a life you can be proud of; a life worth living! We believe the world provides endless possibility for those who are courageous enough to find it. However, to find this possibility one must look beyond their current circumstances and open themselves up to something greater. Individuals must stop dwelling on their current misfortunate, stop blaming others for unwanted outcomes, and stop looking for solace through substance abuse.

One must start to make purposeful choices that will deliver positive results. This is where Choice Recovery can help. Our programming is designed to support those committed to a journey of hope and healing through providing guidance on the how’s and why’s of proper decision making. Yes, our programming takes a deep dive into the trauma or “why” an addict uses. There is no substitute for this type of therapeutic work. However, to create a life that you love, one must also have the skills to succeed every day in this perfectly imperfect world in which we live.

Success in recovery starts with a willingness to be honest with yourself. This journey requires you to recognize who you have been and who you want to become as well as accept what this means for how your decisions are made. History has proven that if an addict does not authentically participate in this way, their chance of relapse significantly increases.

Choice Recovery is here to support those individuals who are committed to getting better but let’s be clear; Choice is not in the miracle business; we are in the addiction treatment business. We provide individuals with a healthy environment to learn and experience the how’s and what’s necessary to succeed in recovery. While miracles in recovery do occur at Choice, it is because an individual has committed to taking their life in a new direction using the tools the Choice Team has empowered them with. When an individual diligently attacks recovery with a bold and honest approach to building a life that they love, a miracle is bound to occur, and this is the outcome we expect to see when a client enters our program.

For individuals who enter treatment, we understand that they do not want the disease that they have. Our commitment is to ensure that individual has everything they need to find a pathway to a better life, one free of substance abuse. This journey to sobriety is one that cannot be done alone. We recognize Choice’s role in this partnership, and it will never be marginalized or taken for granted. We will engage with clients from the onset to build a personalized plan that focuses on precisely what is needed for success in recovery. From there, it will be up to the individual to choose their next step – to choose their future.


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