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Where to Find Your Purpose

Question: What is the value of defining your purpose in life?

Answer: When you are living your purpose, you feel content; that is, you find peace in the present moment and happiness in the movements and trajectory of your life.

A purpose is more powerful than the negative thoughts that can occupy our conscious. It keeps us free from the unwanted influences that often blur our commitments and intentions. Our purpose gives us the courage to push through the mental and physical challenges we face and the willingness to always look for possibility. Most importantly, it provides us with the confidence to know that outcomes are never in jeopardy if we remain focused on what we said we would do.

An individual’s purpose is found where their internal and external desires intersect. This intersection is where our core principles and wants and needs find common ground.

Internal Desires: Our internal desires are satisfied by acting based on the principles and values we find essential to being a good and valuable person. They are the code that defines who we want to be. They guide our decision-making and every action we take. The great thing about our principles is, if we happen to act against them, an uncomfortableness enters our heart and soul, indicating we might want to reconsider our decision.

External Desires: The world presents us with an abundance of opportunity, and from this opportunity, we create personal wants and needs. These desires often motivate and drive us to accomplish amazing things. Our external wants may focus on family, health, recognition, success, or causes like social justice, poverty, climate, etc. Whatever they are, if authentic, they will inspire action and deliver self-fulfillment. However, if these wants and needs are gained through methods contrary to our internal desires, guilt and shame will cloud any enjoyment we might seek from them.

Getting what you want (external desires) is as important as the way you get it (internal desires). When your internal and external desires are in unison, you act purposefully. This type of action produces more than peace, joy, and gratification but a sustainable and rewarding lifestyle.


Choice Recovery is an intensive outpatient substance misuse treatment facility serving the Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler areas. Choice Recovery offers an integrated treatment model with a focus on the individual not the disease of addiction. Our licensed and experienced clinical team develops tailor-made programming for the individuals we serve.

Choice Recovery offers intensive outpatient services (IOP) in the morning and evening, on Saturdays and via telehealth. Individuals are welcome to attend group and individual counseling and work with coaches to overcome the challenges that keep them from getting to where they want to be. For more information about Choice Recovery, please email us at or call us at 480-527-0337. Thank you.


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