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When It Is Darkest

When it is darkest, where do you find the faith to keep pushing forward? Where do you find the strength to believe that tomorrow will be better? When your voice asks, “Is all this worth it," where does the motivation come from to continue doing what Is right? When life is no fun, where do you find the courage to stay grateful for the opportunity to take on another day?

Why life delivers these dark days, we do not know, but it does, and nobody is immune to them. Even when progress happens, life inevitably delivers another hurdle, which only pushes us back down again. Yes, in these moments, we do what we are taught; we lean on our supports and want to believe what they say. The fact is that sometimes, no matter what path we choose to take, it all seems hopeless.

Yet, we continue to stay clean. For some reason, when life is dark, and we are at our lowest, we don’t succumb to the voice of addiction. We find the will to attend a meeting, call our sponsor, or participate in treatment. Why or where the strength and hope come from cannot be explained, but we do it; we keep fighting and do what needs to be done.

The fact is, there is no more powerful force on earth than life. The foundation of life is survival, and because you are alive, you have this gift. An endurance to disregard that voice in your head. A persistence to try again, to trust, and believe that tomorrow will be different. And the patience to look for hope, even when hope seems distant.

This hope stems from the heart. In each of us, the heart represents all the good in life and all the good in us. This good is the “why” that propels us through the darkest moments. Regardless of what confronts the heart, irrespective of how mean, hateful, and bitter we might have become, the heart will never abandon its hope for a better day. The heart will faithfully wait; wait for you to choose a different path and wait for you to make the choices in line with the person you really are.

As an addict, we have become someone other than who we were born to be. We have allowed substances to dictate our thoughts, words, and actions. We have chosen to lead with something other than our heart. This segment of our life often leaves us in an unwanted place filled with destruction, chaos, and uncertainty; simply put, a lack of hope.

Fortunately, our heart has stored a lifetime of goodness, happiness, and gratefulness; it has stored who we have always wanted to become. It has stored the human characteristics that inspired us to be better. It has stored the peace, satisfaction, and gratitude we once found in life. The heart has stored all the ingredients for who we want to be. And, the heart will hold this hope, our roadmap to a life we love, for as long as needed.

So, in those dark moments, when all seems lost, look for that little bit of hope. Look for the hope that represents change, goodness, and possibility. Believe, like your heart does, that tomorrow can be different. Believe that you have the power of life and the endurance to transform. Believe that with sustained recovery, those ingredients that sit in your heart will be freed to create the person you want to be.


Choice Recovery is a MAT friendly IOP located near the 60 and 101 Interchange in Mesa, Arizona. Whether you or a loved is struggling with opioid use, heroin use, marijuana, or alcohol, the Choice Recovery team can help. Our intensive outpatient treatment program is designed to promote participation, accountability, and fun - all the ingredients to build a life that you love.

Choice Recovery accepts AHCCCS insurance as well as various private insurance plans. We offer treatment in the day and evening to help with those working or attending school. The Choice Recovery program is an integrated approach to care that wants to address the "why" someone turns to drugs and alcohol, but also support an individual in the strengthening of every other aspect of their life.

For more information please call 480-527-0337 or email us at


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