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What Are You Willing to Take Responsibility For?

What are you willing to take responsibility for – your job, your decisions, your behavior, your children, your sobriety, what else?

This is a powerful question because the answer tells you what you represent; that is, who and what you want to be. The question identifies the attributes you are proud of, see value in, and are ready to expand. Most importantly, it determines where your daily focus should be.

Talk to any counselor or coach, almost all of them will tell you the key to creating positive outcomes is purposeful action based on the core principles that define who you want to be. However, sometimes we question if the purpose and principles we use to guide our actions are correct. By recognizing what we are willing to take responsibility for, we verify what is important in our lives.

With our purpose confirmed, we can stop wasting countless hours worrying about issues and events that are really not that important to us. We can keep ourselves focused on the routines and goals we established and avoid the old behaviors that tend to get us in trouble.

Life and recovery happen fast. To successfully navigate all the thoughts, anxiety, and successes that enter our lives, we must understand what is most important to us. Asking the question, "what are you willing to take responsibility for" creates a clear picture of what we like about life and where we should apply our efforts. It is a question that can simplify our lives and brings more meaning to them. It is another tool we can use to build a life that we love.


Choice Recovery serves the Chandler area with IOP services which include group therapy and individual counseling for mental health and substance abuse. Choice Recovery offers morning, evening, and telehealth services for those struggling with addiction. Our evidence-based care focuses on the whole person, not just their substance misuse issues.

For more information about our program, please call us at 480-527-0337 or email us at We are located in downtown Mesa and can help clients with MAT and medication management services. Our clinical team is experienced and dedicated to helping individuals build a life that they love! Thank you for our interest in Choice Recovery.


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