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Value-based Thinking

One of the benefits of a disciplined approach to money is that it eliminates financial stress, which makes life that much easier. When we are careless with our finances, we create the opportunity for our mind to take us where we don't want to go. Financial stress is real, and when we are struggling to find the money to pay for the things we need, we often begin to question our abilities, decision-making, and the value of recovery.

The beauty of developing sound money management habits is that they do more than put us in a favorable financial position; they enable us to advance all aspects of our lives. The disciplines we enact to deal with money responsibly can be applied to other parts of our lives. One of the critical components of effective money management is value-based purchasing which means the money we earn is spent on items that add value to our lives. This principle cuts out the impulsive tendencies that leave us wondering where all our money went when it is time to pay the bills.

What if we used the same principle in relationship building? For instance, what if we focused our time and effort on the relationships that added value to our lives and removed ourselves from the ones that didn't? This doesn't mean our friends and loved ones should give us something tangible if we spend time with them. It means we choose to be with people that make us feel loved, trusted, and appreciated. It means we find individuals who bring positive influence and energy to the environments they participate in. Value-based relationships have us avoiding abusive and emotionally unhealthy social networks. They have us associating with individuals who respect us and keep us from using or manipulating others to get what we want. Most importantly, we pursue relationships with people who inspire us to be better, push us to get out of our comfort zone, and are willing to be there when we need a friend.

The more intention we put behind things like finances, relationships, work, hobbies, and recovery, the greater the return we receive. By prioritizing how we spend our money, time, and effort, we put ourselves in a better position to find peace, joy, and fulfillment. The fact is, money in the bank, meaningful friendships, and inspiring careers do not happen by chance; they happen by choice.

Most of our defects of character permeate across multiple aspects of our lives. For example, the character defects that make it difficult to follow a budget might be the same defects that make it hard to commit to the daily requirements of recovery. When we can make a habitual change in one aspect of our lives, like learning to live on a budget, we can incrementally integrate the discipline across all aspects of our behavior, enabling us to make positive changes in other areas of our lives.

In discussions like this, the question always becomes, "am I willing to put in the effort day after day to make it happen?" If you are, most anything is possible, whether it comes to financial independence, meaningful relationships, rewarding careers, or living a fulfilling life in recovery!


Serving Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Phoenix with in-person and Zoom IOP services, Choice Recovery is dedicated to getting individuals struggling with the disease of addiction healthy again. Through group and individual counseling provided by Arizona Department of Health licensed therapists, Choice Recovery offers an integrated, evidence-based approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

Choice Recovery accepts most AHCCCS insurance plans including Mercy Care, Banner University, United Healthcare, and AZ Completed Health. Choice Recovery also accepts most private pay insurance as well. Morning and evening IOP services are available at our downtown Mesa location. For more information about Choice Recovery and our services, please call us at 480-527-0337 or email us at


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