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Trust Again

Honesty and trust are essential components of life and provide us with the freedom to be who we want to be. While honesty may be something we can turn on and off in the moment, the ability to trust ourselves and others is the result of living life in a certain way. The years of addiction and the destructive behavior that accompanies it often destroys our self-confidence and ability to trust. When we cannot trust ourselves or others, we turn to lying and manipulation to survive. While this approach keeps us alive physically, internally, in our soul, we are slowly dying.

Rebuilding trust is about committing to and believing in the choices we are making. It is about creating an approach that is absent of expectation, centered on responsibility, and driven by daily action. It involves making decisions based on a set of core principles that defines who we want to be. In the event we deviate from acting on those core principles, it is about making things right and finding forgiveness in ourselves and others.

We often forget that life was never designed to be perfect. We forget that being human means mistakes will be made, and unwanted outcomes happen. We also forget that making mistakes does not mean there is something wrong with us, or that we cannot be trusted; it merely means we are human. When we live life the way it is supposed to be lived, we act honestly in the good times and the bad. We follow through on the commitments we make and serve more than simply ourselves. By living in this manner, we prove to ourselves and others that we can be trusted again.

FOR CONSIDERATION: For the addict, to rebuild trust, we must commit to the process. That is, believe in what we are learning in AA, sober living, treatment, or from our therapist/coach. We must dedicate ourselves to the rules, structure, and approach being taught. As we are introduced to this new way of life, we often resist, saying, "this won't work for me" or "my situation is different." When these or other thoughts like them appear, ask yourself a few questions like, is this my addiction talking, and am I being honest? Our addiction is not going to give up easily. It does not want us to find satisfaction in recovery, and it will tell us this every day in a myriad of ways. It is in these moments when we learn if we can be honest and trust ourselves to do the right thing.

About Choice Recovery

Choice Recovery is a outpatient addiction treatment facility in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer intensive outpatient services for those suffering from addiction. Evening IOP as well as morning IOP are available in person or online (telehealth IOP only available at night). For those who enroll, they are equipped with a primary counselor and life coach to help them build a foundation for long-term recovery.

We accept AHCCCS insurance for all outpatient services. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 480-527-0337 or email us at


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