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Trust in ourselves and our communities is powerful, but how do we know if we are using it? To find out, we must answer a few questions:

  • Do you trust yourself to do the next right thing when things are brutally difficult or even when you feel as though things are perfect?

  • Do you trust that society will be fair and honest if you always do the next right thing? And,

  • Does society trust you?

When doing the next right thing becomes instinctive, trust in ourselves and our approach to life and recovery builds. Its value is garnered from the fact that it can only be earned through acting based on who we want to be. While self-trust can be challenging to acquire, once we have it, it will stay with us for as long as we continue to make principled and purposeful decisions.

Believe it or not, society works perfectly if we repeatedly act with purpose. Bad things will happen, some people will be jerks, and sometimes, outcomes will be far from what we desire, but this does not mean society is unfair or dishonest. Think about it, how can things be any fairer since we control our decisions and actions? Our job is to recognize what is in and out of our control and then act based on truth and reality. If we do this with patience, acceptance, and gratitude, we will see that the world works fairly and honestly.

Does society trust you? This is a critical question because the answer often tells us if we trust ourselves. If we don't believe society trusts us, it might indicate that we still let outside influences guide our thinking or that we don't fully trust ourselves to do the next right thing. In either case, it might make sense to explore further what we need to change in order to build self-trust.

To find peace, joy, and fulfillment, we must trust ourselves and have trust in the social networks we associate with. We cannot control what others think of us, nor should that be our focus. What choices we make today needs to be our primary concern, as well as what is driving these choices. The fact is if we are making principled-based decisions, we will find trust in ourselves and society.

FOR CONSIDERATION: The value of having trust in ourselves, in society, and our communities is it allows us to let go of things like fear, expectations, and timelines. It gives us the freedom to live purposefully regardless of the situation or feelings we hold at the moment. Trust provides us with a passion for who we are and the ability to live the life we desire.

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Choice Recovery is an outpatient substance use disorder treatment facility offering East Valley residents IOP services. Choice Recovery employs an evidence-based whole-body approach to care. Our philosophy is to look at the person, not the disease, and we never base an individual's progress on time in treatment, but on their success as they begin to integrate back into the life they desire.

Choice's IOP services are diverse and include many components but start with group and individual counseling. Groups sessions are available in the morning and evening, plus on Saturday. Groups are led by licensed, master's level therapists who bring experience and specialties to each group. For more information about Choice Recovery, please call us at 480-572-0337 or email us at


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