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The Why Question

To verify we are serious about the commitments we make, life likes to test us with minor challenges and annoyances each day. While these “tests” are nothing we can’t handle, they do make us work a little harder, both mentally and physically, and this increased workload often triggers the voice in our head to ask, “is all this really worth it?” In these moments, if we don’t have the correct answer, giving up on what we have committed to suddenly seems like a logical idea.

Using the “why” question can prepare us for these types of situations. It can clarify and reinforce the purpose behind our beliefs, decisions and actions. It can explain the reason we are willing to push through and work hard for what we desire. There are two primary ways to use the “why” question:

  • In developing our purpose, i.e., where we want to go. And,

  • To understand why we think, behave, respond, etc., the way we do and determine if this approach is useful to who we want to be.

Our purpose is the reason we get out of bed in the morning. It is what keeps us focused and in action when life decides to test us. Our purpose is the primary influencer of our thoughts, decisions, and actions. It tells us when to say “yes” and when to say “no”. If we have a defined purpose, all our actions should be based on it, leaving little doubt as to why we are engaged in what we are, even if that voice in our head is still wondering. Equally as important is recognizing the “why” behind our judgments, opinions, biases, feelings, and reactions. Over the years, we have been influenced by many events, people, and things, which have created our approach to life. Asking “why” to the decisions, reactions, emotions, etc., we make/have helps us understand and identify the source of our behaviors. The more we ask “why” when something goes right or wrong, the more we uncover about ourselves and our approach. With this information, we can eliminate the behaviors and beliefs that are no longer useful to us and maximize the ones that create excitement for what we are doing. The more awareness and understanding we have around where we want to go and who we want to be, the more enjoyable life and recovery become. By asking why, we continue to confirm/update what is important to us, what inspires us, and how to free ourselves from the influences of our addiction. It is this discipline that allows us to create a life full of peace, joy, and fulfillment, which is something we never want to forget. FOR CONSIDERATION: Using the why question is very powerful, but only if we are honest. When we leave out or ignore realities, weaknesses, or character defects, we fail to uncover the truth, and if we are unwilling to find the truth, asking the why question is a waste of time.


Telehealth IOP is a one of the many programs Choice Recovery offers individuals looking for mental health and addiction treatment. Our telehealth IOP is available in the evening and is led by licensed counselors. It is a full-service and dynamic program that engages and educates all participants in effective substance abuse treatment modalities.

Choice Recovery is an Arizona Department of Health licensed substance disorder treatment facility located in Mesa, Arizona. Our experienced and highly trained staff is dedicated to anyone with the courage to embark on their recovery journey. In addition to telehealth services, Choice Recovery offers in-person IOP services in the morning and at night at our facility. Choice Recovery accepts most major insurance plans including AHCCCS plans:

  • Mercy Care

  • United Health Care

  • AZ Complete Health

  • Banner University

Please give us a call at 480-527-0337 or email us at Thank you!


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