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The Ultimate Action

Isn’t recovery about undoing who we once were and becoming who we want to be? Is this not the ultimate action to be taken in life? Is this type of action not what brings us fulfillment, purpose, and peace?

To alter our life path for the better, we must continually do what is right. Life is relatively simple in this way: when you do the right thing, good things happen. Most of us in recovery have lived this truth. Our addiction brought lies, manipulation, and laziness to our lives that led to further destructive behavior. On the other side of this truth is our journey in recovery. As we have modified our attitudes, behaviors, and actions for the better, the result is we have become someone we like.

All wanted outcomes in life take action. If you want a higher paying job, you develop new skills that heighten your earning potential. If you want more fulfilling relationships, you start by improving your relationship with yourself. If you're going to be free of drugs and alcohol, you dedicate yourself to doing the next right thing. To change any outcome, it always begins with changing yourself. This is because we only have control over ourselves, nothing else in life. This control gives us the power to change our approach to life, and with a new purposeful approach, we can become who we want to be.

FOR CONSIDERATION: The moment we stop acting in a certain way, any outcome we have achieved is in jeopardy. The reality is positive outcomes only stay positive when action remains constant. Many in early recovery reach milestones that they have never reached before. It could be the number of days sober, a higher paying job, or a better living situation. All these things are achievements to celebrate and why we commit to staying clean and sober. However, if the actions we initiated to produce these achievements are altered or abandoned, the achievements will be lost. Our addiction is too powerful and will take-over again when we lose focus of those actions that produced our remarkable achievements.

Take time to reflect and be honest with yourself about what purposeful actions have caused positive outcomes in your life; then keep doing them even if it seems as though you don't need to or have the time to fit it all in.


Choice Recovery is an intensive outpatient alcohol and drug treatment center offering clients assistance with their addiction. Whether it be opioids, alcohol, heroin, or other addictive behaviors, Choice Recovery has a qualified team to help. Located on the Tempe/Mesa border in Arizona, Choice Recovery offers morning and evening group and individual counseling services as well as telehealth.

Choice Recovery offers a titration support program that works with individuals wanting to taper off of medical assisted treatment ("MAT"). This program is exclusive to individuals looking to taper of MAT. This group of peers, which is led by experienced counselors, creates an environment of support and growth as individuals engage in their journey to titrate off MAT.

Choice Recovery takes all AHCCCS insurance plans including but not limited to Mercy Care, United Healthcare, Banner University, and Care1st. For more information about Choice Recovery outpatient programs please call us at 480-527-0337 or email


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