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The Stuff Money Can't Buy

It took a while for me to appreciate it, but the true value I get from living clean and sober is experienced through the stuff money can’t buy.

Early in my recovery, even though I was sober, I still had destructive and addictive tendencies. Things like telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth remained challenging. So was being totally committed to my responsibilities and remembering that the easy way out was rarely the easy way out. However, for whatever reason, in these early years, I stayed engaged in my recovery, and I didn’t let these character defects and the shame, guilt, anxiety, etc., they created trigger me into using drugs and alcohol again. Thankfully, by remaining sober and curious about the program, the likable things everyone in recovery talks about began to make their way to me.

The good stuff entered my life as my efforts around personal growth became more purposeful, my perseverance toward what I wanted became more reliable, and all outcomes became emotionally equal. These new awarenesses and character traits allowed for the expansion of peace, joy, and fulfillment in my life, i.e., I began to receive all the good stuff that life delivers when intent is driving action.

Through these experiences, I realized that the more I acted based on who I wanted to be, the less need I had for external validation and stimulation. This was liberating for a shy, anxious, and insecure person like me. It meant I did not have to lie or exaggerate stories in an effort to be liked. I no longer had to try to make others happy by engaging in acts or events that did not match my belief system or fear that doing what was right would somehow embarrass me. I learned that all I needed to do was act based on the core principles that satisfied my soul.

Recovery taught me that money can buy us plenty of stuff, but sustainable sobriety and a life full of peace, joy, and fulfillment are not on that list. The only thing that gets me this stuff is my meaningful choices and determination. It is a process that is not always easy or enjoyable, but it is a journey that is rewarding and infinite. Will we ever eliminate every addictive tendency we have; I hope not because it is these tendencies that, if used purposefully, can inspire and motivate us to further develop our journey in life and recovery; that is, keep us on the path of addressing our character defects and creating even more peace, joy, and fulfillment in our lives.


Choice Recovery is a Mesa, Arizona IOP that specializes in treating the disease of addiction and most co-occurring mental health disorders. The Choice Recovery team is a group of professionals dedicated to the well-being and future ambitions of the individuals they serve. Individuals entering the Choice Recovery program have the chance to transform their lives through dedicated effort and by incorporating the evidence-based therapy tools learn will participating in the program.

Choice Recovery offers group and individual counseling in the morning, evenings, and via telehealth. We encourage most every client to attend our Saturday groups, so they can maintain their sobriety on the weekends. Choice Recovery accepts most AHCCCS insurances including Mercy Care, Banner University, AZ Complete Health, and United Health Care. For more information about the program, please reach out to us via email at or by phone - 480-527-0337. Be well!


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