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The Perfect Life

Whether you want to accept it or not, you can create the perfect life today. If you think otherwise, you may be letting the challenges of life build anger, resentment, sadness, stress, etc., in your soul. You might be allowing outside influences to determine happiness rather than acting on those principles that define the true you. The negative emotions that we give power to often make us think the perfect life is unobtainable, which starts an unhealthy practice of blaming others or making excuses for our state of being.

The perfect life is right here, right now. This does not mean life is easy. It simply means that if we find the courage to understand our expectations, timelines, and judgments, a life full of opportunity and promise will appear. If we take responsibility, expand our effort, and stay open to new possibilities, the present moment will look pretty good. A central piece of life is accepting that external things do not bring happiness and joy to our lives. No matter how hard we try, our problems will not vanish simply because we earn more money, have a car, get a new job, buy a house, or stop using. The greatness of life comes from our ability to choose, and this is something we have right now. This ability to choose gives us the freedom to be who we want to be and go where we want to go. This is what makes the present moment perfect. Yes, it is okay to want nice things, a husband/wife/kids, a house, a dog, a shiny new car, and money in the bank, but they will not make you happy. External things usually bring as many problems as they solve. These external things are simply a complement to the peace and satisfaction that come from authentically living in the present moment. The proof of this is the crowds of unhappy people walking across this earth. Unsatisfied people are in every social class and income bracket. They live in houses and drive fancy cars; they are clean & sober, and they are using. The only common denominator among unhappy people is that they are chasing something that can never be caught – their image of the perfect life. Find the courage to accept the present moment, find a purpose that drives intentional action, and find those values that satisfy your soul. When you do, life will be perfect. FOR CONSIDERATION: One challenge we contend with in early recovery is the belief that the disease of addiction makes our problems harder to solve than those of the “normies." This is not true. Solutions to life problems do not come easier to non-addicts. Non-addicts get sick, divorce, get evicted, have financial stress, and everything else at a similar rate to those of us in recovery. The only thing that makes our problems harder is that we tend to run to drugs and alcohol when life challenges us. This choice does more than make solving problems difficult, it creates new ones. When we decide to stop running from our problems and start solving them, we will realize that we are as normal as everyone else in this world.

About Choice Recovery

Choice Recovery is an outpatient addiction treatment facility offering intensive outpatient services ("IOP") to those struggling with alcohol and/or drugs. We offer an integrated whole-body approach to care that includes individual counseling, group therapy and personalized coaching. Our purpose is to do more than simply support addicts as the look to stop using drugs and alcohol, but to help them find their life purpose.

Choice Recovery offers specialty support programming as well like Medicine Assisted Treatment ("MAT") support programs and end-organ disease programming. Choice Recovery accepts most major insurance plans as well as AHCCCS insurance including Mercy Care, Banner University, and others. For more information please call us at 480-527-0337 or email us at


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