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The Fight

What is it that causes us to fight reality? Is it our ego, selfishness, ignorance, or something else that influences us to make life harder than it needs to be?

When we are unwilling to accept those things that constitute our reality, we limit our ability to get where we want to go. Life and recovery are about a willingness to honor what is, and accepting what needs to be done. When we convince ourselves that we can use drugs or alcohol again, but this time in moderation, it is an example of us fighting reality. It is an example of us being stuck in our addiction, and unfortunately, this flawed thinking shows up in many of our daily decisions.

The stress and anxiety we encounter in life are symptoms of this fight against reality. At times, life will be difficult, but the longer we ignore what makes it hard, the longer we will suffer. By holding on to those beliefs and behaviors that have failed us, we are fighting rather than accepting, resulting in prolonged unhappiness. Call it what you want, letting go, accepting, surrendering, or whatever; until you are willing to acknowledge the source of your destructive behavior, suffering will remain.

We can choose to change our realities, but we cannot make this change without a willingness to accept who we have been and where we are at. Acceptance is not admitting failure or displaying weakness; it is opening our hearts and minds to new possibility. It is the ability to assess what works in our lives and doesn’t, what we are good at and what we can do better, and most importantly, what must be done and why we haven't done it yet.

There are certain things worth fighting for in life, but the causes of our pain and suffering are not some of them. As said in the rooms of recovery, be willing to accept those things that cannot be changed and have the courage to change the things that can. It is what makes life and recovery so powerful, and it is what makes life a whole lot easier.


For quality addiction treatment in Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, and across the east valley please consider Choice Recovery. Our IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) is a fully integrated, whole-body approach to care. We offer IOP in the mornings, evenings, and via telehealth. Our addiction treatment program accepts AHCCCS insurance including Mercy Care, United Healthcare, Banner University, AZ Complete Health and more.

Choice Recovery has specialty programs including a MAT Support Group, exclusively for individuals using MAT in their recovery and a Couples Workshop for partners looking to strength their lives together. Choice Recovery is located in downtown Mesa and accessible by light rail. For more information please call us at 480-527-0337 or email us at


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