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The Evolution of Respect

Respect for ourselves and the people, places, and things in our lives is a self-generating mindset we choose to have direct our lives. Respect is also a critical component in finding peace, joy, and happiness and a perfect measure of if we are living based on principle and purpose.

Self-respect is built through recognizing and accepting our faults, talents, failures, and successes. It requires us to forgive and grow, regardless of how challenging each of these things may be to do. The importance of forgiveness and acceptance is that they minimize the critic in our head, enabling us to treat ourselves more fairly and respectfully.

With self-respect comes the freedom to be ourselves. It eliminates the desire to run from reality or be that person we think others want us to be. This independence permits us to act purposefully based on the principles we find essential, and through these purposeful actions, we begin to see the value we bring to our family, friends, neighbors, and communities.

Often it takes work before we can accept ourselves as the great, yet imperfect, individual we are. As we do the work and our respectful mindset develops, life tests us through relationships, circumstances, and events. These encounters quickly educate us on whether we have done everything necessary to honor who we are and respect the people, places, and things in our lives.

It is easy to respect people we like or admire, but can you show the same respect for those you would rather avoid or those who make you angry? Respecting another is not about agreement, getting along, or following their lead; it is about acting with integrity, honesty, and character regardless of the situation. It is doing the next right thing even when the next right thing is hard to do.

The ability to treat someone with respect who you think is a liar, is being unfair, or who you consider a jerk is more proof that you are becoming the person you want to be. Each time you push yourself to get out of your comfort zone, do tasks you don't want to do, and treat the places and things in your life responsibly, you prove that the unwanted influences that once damaged your life are being let go.

When we value ourselves, we are much quicker to clean up mistakes or make amends if we have acted inappropriately. We are more likely to engage in selfcare, follow-through, and lookout for others. Each time we act with this level of integrity and purpose, we build greater respect for ourselves and society. It is a simple equation: the more respect we have for ourselves and the world's people, place, and things, the more peace, joy, and satisfaction we find in life.

There are tremendous benefits for those who do the work necessary to build respect for themselves and the communities in which they live; will you do the work?

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There is a reason they all start with "Self".

You Cannot find them in anyone else."


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