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The Answer

Research suggests that 90% of our decisions are based on emotion rather than fact. While using emotion to assist in decision-making can be valuable at times, in recovery, we want to be careful how emotion is influencing our choices for several reasons:

  • Alcohol and drug use suppresses emotion, so as addicts, we have not dealt with emotion for a long time or handled its presence well. As sobriety returns emotion to our life, it can be difficult and painful to deal with and negatively influencing our decisions.

  • Being clean allows our brain to heal, both mentally and physically, from the years of abuse we put it through. Until this healing process is complete, our thinking is not always sound, especially when stress and anxiety are high.

  • Trust is low as we get started in recovery; trust in ourselves and others, so purposeful decision-making is often based on what we think looks or feels good rather than the truth.

That voice in our head wants control over our decision-making, and it knows manipulating our emotions is the easiest way to reach this goal. Regardless of who we are, we open ourselves up to being manipulated when we lose control of our emotions. Using our feelings and emotions, that voice in our head begins justifying why taking shortcuts, flaking on commitments, and ignoring responsibility is okay. Once it has us acting in this manner, it knows guilt and shame will return, and control over everything we do will be in sight. The answer to this voice and its manipulation is a recovery plan. When life brings us emotions like sadness, worry, and anger, our recovery plan tells us how to act. It is our reminder of who we want to be. The rooms of recovery teach us the routines, skills, and actions that will keep us clean and sober. Our recovery plan details how we will use these tools to build a life that we love. It is our guide when life has us stopped or scared, and we don't know what to do. An authentically crafted recovery plan uses our hopes, dreams, principles, and talents to keep us sober. It eliminates doubt and drives action through purpose and preparation. Our recovery plan is how we keep hope, sobriety, and joy, the focal point in all we do. FOR CONSIDERATION: A favorite tactic of our addiction is to use our success in recovery against us. Being clean enables us to use our intelligence and talent to not only keep employment but get promoted. Sobriety allows us to build meaningful relationships and find joy in life. These events create positive emotions, which our addiction uses to convince us that we got this "recovery thing." We begin to think, “I don’t need a sponsor/therapist anymore” or “going to meetings is a waste of my time." Our job is to recognize that thoughts like these are an indicator our addiction is regaining control, and we might want to do something about it.


Addiction treatment your way. Choice Recovery offers group sessions in the morning, evening, via telehealth and on the weekends. We accept most insurance plans including AHCCCS plans. Your recovery treatment will include group sessions, individual counseling, and coaching. Your program is designed to get you to where you want to go as the person you want to be.

For more information about Choice Recovery's IOP treatment please email us at or call us at 480-527-0337. The AHCCCS insurance plans Choice Recovery accepts include Mercy Care, Banner University, United Healthcare, Care 1st, and AZ Complete Health. We also work with most private insurance plans. Give recovery a chance, what do you have to lose.


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