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Self-care is a set of actions focused on our mental, emotional, and physical health. It is not something that can be bought or sold but is achieved through a personal commitment to making ourselves better. Many look at self-care as list of things they must get done each day, but it is more than that, it is a life-style to be enjoyed.

Better relationships, secure employment, stable housing, and less chaos are why we chose to enter recovery. While all these things are possible when clean and sober, they are not automatic without the ability to make good decisions. This is where self-care gets its value. If we are not mentally, emotionally, and physically comfortable, whether we are using or not, it is difficult to make good decisions. When we are carrying anxiety, depression, fatigue, or physical/emotional pain, it is harder to work through life's challenges and complexities. When we are not 100%, we tend to succumb to life's pressures rather than do the next right thing.

This is why in recovery and life, there is an emphasis on self-care. With proper self-care, we are now prepared to succeed regardless of what life throws at us. When we are eating right, drinking the appropriate fluids, exercising, spending time with friends and family, meditating, going to meetings, committed to proper sleep patterns, addressing any physical health issues, and using the word “no” correctly and honestly, we are taking the steps necessary to protect our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Self-care is not something that just happens; it takes planning and ambition. To get started, identify those internal and external activities that result in a peaceful and joyful state of mind. Once identified, learn how to make them a part of your daily or weekly schedule. From there, continue to grow your curiosity around what activities nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Self-care is one of those things that, if done successfully, will make life satisfying, decision-making easier, and recovery rewarding.

FOR CONSIDERATION: What self-care is not is the abandonment of responsibility. The beauty of life is its unpredictability and the effects this chaos has on our mental, emotional, and physical health. During those times when life seems incredibly difficult or unmanageable, our initial reaction is to retreat, abandoning all responsibility. In these times, we often justify this retreat under the premise of self-care. As our recovery matures and our lives advance, there are times when we need to ask for help to protect ourselves from the stress and anxiety we now face. Asking for help is okay and is something everyone in recovery must learn to do. As long as we are asking for help for the right reasons, with character and integrity, we are strengthening our self-care. However, when we use self-care fraudulently or as an excuse to avoid our commitments and responsibility, we actually make matters worse. Using the title of self-care in this manner is dodging our commitments which only adds shame and guilt to the stress and anxiety we already feel.

About Choice Recovery

Choice Recovery is an outpatient addiction treatment center focused on helping those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Located in Mesa, Arizona, Choice Recovery offers an integrated, whole-body approach to an individuals mental and emotional health issues. Our highly qualified team of professionals welcomes any individual seeking a better and more satisfying way of life.

We believe in the human spirit. We believe in the opportunities this world provides each of us. And, we believe that if an individual is committed to their recovery, they can accomplish most anything they want!

We are an AHCCCS approved facility which accepts Mercy Care, Banner University, United Healthcare, and other insurance plans. For more information on Choice Recovery and our substance abuse programs please contact us at 480-527-0337 or


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