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Reality is Our Friend

Do you treat reality as your friend?

Often, we let the stress and uncomfortableness of our immediate situation take us to a scarcity mindset, a place where we conclude that our future is only as bright as our past. This toxic mindset makes it exceedingly difficult to find hope and possibility. That is, to be motivated to do the next right thing when life seems unfair, or our circumstances seem unchangeable.

Sometimes, this hopeless mindset can move us to honestly assess how we need to change. These are transition points that open our vulnerabilities and allow the truth to unfold. They reveal the hidden barriers that have us stuck, creating the freedom to identify solutions to the source of our problems.

Unfortunately, we can let the nature of our circumstances cause us to look for solutions that don’t involve addressing the source problem. We convince ourselves that simply ignoring the real issues or taking shortcuts will return workable outcomes. The fact is, this meaningless approach to life makes lasting change significantly harder, if not impossible. It teaches us that fixing the source problem is how we create sustainable change and is our path to peace and happiness.

When pursuing purposeful change, we must listen for feedback from the heart and soul. When the heart feels our actions are targeting the source problem, a calmness is returned. This calmness is what provides the inspiration and self-confidence to get better each day, regardless of the circumstances we face. It is what provides the acceptance and willingness we need to follow through on the change we desire. It is what allows us to look beyond the uncertainty and see all the opportunities available to us.

If your current reality involves a heightened level of stress and anxiety, use it as a sign your intentions and actions may not be addressing the source of your problems. Get honest, lean on your supports, and leverage this awareness to guide positive change and choices. If you do, the scarcity mindset will vanish, and hope and possibility will return!


If looking for an IOP in Mesa, Arizona, you might consider Choice Recovery. Choice Recovery offers outpatient services in a clean and comfortable setting. A highly qualified clinical team engages in an integrated whole-body approach to care that looks to treat more than addiction, but the entire person.

Choice Recovery offers morning, night, and telehealth intensive outpatient treatment in their downtown Mesa facility. AHCCCS insurance is accepted including Mercy Care and United Healthcare. Individuals enrolled in the program work with a licensed therapist one-on-one and in group settings as well as a recovery coach.


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