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P + P + P + G = Why

Do you have a “why” that will overcome any “how”? Do you have a purpose based on a set of principles that is reliable enough to beat any circumstance? Do you have an ironclad belief system to manage even the evilest of temptations? Could your “why” conquer any “how”?

If you have identified your “why” in life, congratulations! Such an accomplishment creates a clarity of purpose and a clear roadmap for a future of abundance. However, if you have yet to find your "why," or such a task seems overwhelming, there is no reason to worry. Now is the perfect time to begin this journey, a journey of transformation designed to find that authentic purpose behind everything you do.

Those who live a life based on a "why" gain a boundless freedom. A freedom to conquer any "how." A freedom from fear, uncertainty, and relapse. A freedom to find their unique self absent of foreign influences and pressures. And, most importantly, the freedom to choose who they want to be and the ability to live it.

There are several avenues one can take to find their "why," but the fact is, each of these avenues has the same starting point; an honest assessment of who you have been and who you want to become. Without such an assessment, outside influences that are typically led by the voice of rationalization will disrupt the process. With rationalization involved, it is difficult to identify your authentic self as well as those core principles that make you uniquely you. And without the unique you leading the way, your life cannot carry meaningful intent.

With the courage to honestly assess who you have been and who you want to be, you gain that boundless freedom. The reason is, the self-assessment releases those principles, priorities, and aspirations that have been dormant in your soul. An energy is generated as these powerful qualities surface, and action is applied to their meaning. While one by one, they may not seem like much, as a collection, they create the unique you. A you that represents all that is good with humanity. A you that when in action can conquer any "how."

Your "why" must have four components: your purpose, your principles, your priorities, and your goals. Each builds off the other, and when working in synchronization, they result in a life that you love. The four components are defined as:

Purpose: Why I am Acting.

Your purpose is a statement about the broader impact you hope to make on your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and society. It is your motivation when times are tough and your stabilizer when times are good. Your purpose is the legacy you hope to build over your lifetime.

Principles: How I am going to Act.

These define you. These are the core principles you will bring to everything you do. Your decisions and actions will be based on this unique set of values. You will rely on these principles to guide action and response in relationships, at work, with family, and so much more. They will be the pillar of consistency and normalcy in your life.

Priorities: What I am Committed to.

These are the things you spend all your efforts on. These are the people, places, and things that inspire you to work hard and be a better person each day. Your priorities will deflect distractions and create focus. Regardless of success or failure, if you are centered on your priorities, life is good.

Goals: What actions I am taking today.

Your goals are those tasks that need to be completed to live your purpose. They are based on your priorities and define what you will do today. These tasks set your schedule, so you are acting with efficiency. Goals must be measurable. They will also help establish what supports you need in order to get each goal completed.

Yes, it is a lot, but living a life that you love takes work. By taking one step at a time in the right direction you will get there sooner than you think. To experience the greatness of life demands courage, vulnerability, and commitment. To begin defining your personal “why” identify which of the four components listed above speaks to you the loudest. Which one you see with clarity and makes the most sense. Start to document your thoughts and feelings around that component. Stay committed and then begin to make decisions based on what you have written down. Keep searching for thoughts and feelings on all the components and slowly integrate each of them into your daily routine. Do not judge yourself; simply act, and over time it will all come together. These efforts will promise a simple result; an inward peace that consumes your soul. It is then you know you are living your "why."


Choice Recovery is an holistic outpatient substance abuse treatment facility serving the Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert area. Our morning and evening IOP offers addicts a unique treatment program that includes therapy, life-skills, and health and wellness. Whether an addict is suffering from heroin, opioid, marijuana, or alcohol use, Choice Recovery's team is equipped to support anyone on their journey in recovery. Choice REcovery proudly accepts all AHCCCS insurance plans including Mercy Care, Care 1st, Banner University and more. For more information please call 480-527-0337 or email


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