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Its Not the Job that Keeps us Sober

What is it about success that makes us forget where we came from?

When we do the work in recovery, good things usually happen. These good things are stuff like being promoted at work, being a better parent, or gaining financial independence. However, many of us take these sober successes as evidence that we can now relax our recovery efforts or ignore the depths of hopelessness our addiction once took us to.

What happens is, we let our voice of addiction falsely use these sober successes as verification that we don't need meetings, therapy, or supports any longer. We permit ourselves to return to the behaviors, relationships, and places that influenced our past drug and alcohol use. What our addictive voice begins saying is, “it would be great to see…” or “I deserve a break from recovery because...” or “It's no big deal if I…." which are all contrary to the recovery focused behaviors we have been engaged in.

External achievements like money, the ability to keep a job, or the conclusion of legal problems is not proof our addiction is in remission; it is proof sobriety works. Successes like these result from being sober, and almost anyone with the courage to stay clean can achieve them. On our journey, we want the next level of recovery, a level where our soul is freed from the pain of the past and finds strength in the present moment. A place where joy and peace come from the inside and expand outwardly in everything we do. This type of success delivers more than a secure home or money in the bank; it provides a life that we love and is only available to those who keep recovery their top priority.

About Choice Recovery

Addiction Treatment in Mesa is available at Choice Recovery in the morning, evening and on the weekends. We offer group and individual therapy for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We accept AHCCCS insurance including Mercy Care and most other Medicaid insurance. We offer in-person or telehealth services. For more information please call us at 480-527-0337 or email us at


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