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It's Never Too Late.

Sometimes we look at the success of others and think, why not me? But then, for some reason, our mind reminds us of (FILL IN THE BLANK) from the past that, makes us think, it's too late for me now. I blew my chance for success.

Or is it? The reality is our commitment to recovery opens up a whole new world of possibility. This is one of the many gifts of recovery - the ability to stop letting our past dictate our future. So, if you think it is too late to build the life you desire, you are making a big mistake.

Consider some great American success stories from people who achieved incredible things later in life.

The founder of Orangetheory created the concept and launched the business well into her fifties after being fired from a job she loved. Now it is one of the most successful fitness businesses in the country.

The Impossible Foods founder decided to address climate change and launched his first Impossible Burger at age 62.

The founder of Sun Life Organics was homeless and addicted to meth and heroin for more than a decade before getting clean, starting from nothing, and creating his dream business. Things he never thought possible when living on the street and addicted to drugs.

The point is when we start to feel as though life has passed us by because of decisions we made in our past, we are selling ourselves short. The reality is the future is still very much in front of us as long as we have the courage to chase it. It is only when we focus on the mistakes we have made, what we didn't do, couldn't do, or failed at years before that we get stopped. The fact is, we can have what we want, and it's never not too late to go get it.

Think about what success looks like to you in regard to family, professional, financial, and personal goals. Start by journaling and writing down your hopes and dreams. Identify what would make you feel fulfilled, things you have always wanted to do but have yet to attempt. There is no right or wrong here; they can be fun things like traveling, surfing, playing the guitar, or living in your dream home.

Use a journal to write your future because taking our wishes out of our head and putting them on paper is the first step in acknowledging it is more than a wish, but a very real possibility. Write a future of endless possibilities but be sure to keep recovery part of the solution. When we accept that recovery is what gives us the freedom to create our future, it allows us to separate ourselves from the past, and provides the script for achieving the goals we've always wanted.

And remember, if it were true that opportunity has passed us by because of previous poor decisions or past hardships…

- we'd have no Harry Potter.

- Iron Man and The Avengers movies.

- Matchmaking on Hinge; And.

- Oprah Winfrey would not be a household name.

If none of these examples resonates, google them to read their story.

These people overcame misfortune, hardship, addiction, and mental illness to achieve something great. The list doesn't stop with just them, it is endless, and there is still plenty more room on this list for people who commit themselves to a life in recovery. We don't have to make headlines or become successful entrepreneurs to achieve what we want, but we do have to focus on doing the next right thing before we will realize that our greatest days are in front of us.

IOP MESA | Arizona Addiction Treatment

IOP is the foundation of Choice Recovery's outpatient substance misuse program, but it is not the most important part of the program. Clients building a foundation of supports outside of treatment is. To take on life, individuals in recovery must have a strong and repeatable recovery plan that can keep them moving in the direction they want to go long after completing treatment.

Choice Recovery works with clients to create such a plan through an evidence-based treatment program led by experienced master's level licensed therapists and a highly dedicated support team. Choice Recovery offers IOP in the morning, evening, weekends, and via telehealth. Choice Recovery takes most private insurance plans and AHCCCS plans including Mercy Care, UHC, Banner University and Arizona Complete Health. For more information, please call us at 480-527-0337 or email us at Be well!


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