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I Wish ….

Do you wish a past decision could be changed, or you could have handled an event or situation differently? Do you wish you could have a "do-over" so an unwanted outcome could disappear? Do you believe your life would be significantly better today if one or two things from the past would have been done differently? Do you often tell yourself, I wish I had only ….

Why does a "do-over" sound so appealing? What makes you so confident that if the events that have positioned you right here, right now, could be changed, a more favorable outcome would be your reality? Plus, how do you know that the decisions you have made and the life you are living does not have you perfectly placed for a future that is beyond imagination?

Life is dynamic, and outcomes are the result of a series of decisions. The fact is, if you had a "do-over" you have no idea where you would be, how happy or sad you would be, what your relationships or family life would be, or what your career situation would be. However, because you are living the results of previous decisions, you know precisely where those decisions have led.

Your decisions set the world into motion. If you were to change one life choice, you must change a whole series of decisions. If you had never used, you would never know what the result of that decision would have ultimately led to. If you had been able to keep a particular job, partner, or living situation, you simply do not know what the results would have been. While it is fun to imagine how great things would be if you acted differently, the fact is, they are only fantasies influenced by your current situation.

Here’s the thing, the person that made those decisions that resulted in the present condition is what needs to change. The "why" behind those flawed decisions was/is still there. Changing your situation without changing your approach will do little good. Poor choices come from a desire to comfort a broken soul. It might be to cover up fear, resentments, anger, loss, trauma, or other life-altering events. The thought process, habits, or character defects that produces unwanted outcomes is what needs to change. And the good news is, these changes can happen!

To live your fantasies, you must focus on purpose, principles, and action. The fact is you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You already have all that is needed to send your life in the direction you want it to go. Your future is yours to choose, regardless of what happened in the past. Wishing is not necessary because you already have the choice to make your dreams come true.

If you are not living your dreams, why not? Change your “I Wish” to an “I Will” and commit to living a new, more authentic lifestyle. All it takes is the identification of what is stopping you and a vow to change your decision-making process. Find trusted supports and then do what is necessary to begin living your dreams through purpose, principles, and action.

What decisions have you made today? Are those decisions the result of impatience and a want for instant gratification? Or, are those decisions well thought out and based on your internal morals and principles?


If you struggle with opioid addiction or other substance use disorder, Choice Recovery's intensive outpatient program ("IOP") may be able to assist. The Choice Recovery team works with those suffering with opioid addiction as well as all other substances, including alcohol.

Choice Recovery is a MAT friendly outpatient treatment facility and welcomes those individuals who have been prescribed Methadone, Suboxone, and other medications. Choice Recovery accepts AHCCCS insurance and offers day and evening IOP. For more information about Choice Recovery programming please call 480-527-0337 or email us at Thank you for your interest!


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