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Humility vs Entitlement

The chance to do the next right thing is all we are entitled to, regardless of the successes we achieve or how far we fall. The more we appreciate this fact, the simpler life becomes and the easier it is to find peace and satisfaction.

Entitlement is a feeling that we are owed or deserving of something, which is a dangerous place to be in life and recovery. A sense of entitlement keeps us stuck, resentful, and selfish, and the bigger it becomes, the more freedom we lose. It is a useless way of life that keeps us waiting for something that will never come. The opposite of entitlement is humility, and a humble way of life produces the returns we desire. The reason why is:

  • Humility keeps us grateful for all that we have and is possible.

  • It keeps us dedicated to the “why” behind our choices.

  • It brings patience, acceptance, and willingness to our lives. And,

  • Humility helps us recognize how to serve ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.

If we remain clean and sober, our lives will advance forward, delivering successes we never thought possible. If we lose perspective on what made these successes a reality, we gain a false sense of power or superiority. This loss of humility will cause us to forget what the true source of our achievement is and return us to a place we don't want to be. Recovery teaches us that the successes we achieve are the result of doing the next right thing. It reminds us that nobody can give us the peace and satisfaction we desire, and the only way to achieve them is to do the work. Most of all, recovery shows us that we are not entitled to the rewards of life but have the chance to earn them if we choose. Does a sense of entitlement have you waiting for something, or does humility have you focused on doing the work? FOR CONSIDERATION: Life demands a certain degree of self-confidence to maneuver through the challenges we face. However, we must always be mindful of where this self-belief is generated. We must be sure never to let the outcomes life delivers create a sense of superiority or entitlement. Instead, we want our self-confidence to come from our courage to continually do the next right thing.


Choice Recovery is an outpatient facility offering IOP services to the greater Phoenix area. We offer morning and evening IOP groups as well as telehealth. Our evidence-based programming is designed specifically for individuals struggling drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Choice Recovery offers IOP to individuals on AHCCCS insurance or most private insurance plans. The AHCCCS plans accepted by Choice Recovery include Mercy Care, AZ Complete Health, Banner University, and United Healthcare. For more information about our program please contact us at 480-527-0337 or via email at

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