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Humility Must Be a Constant

Humility is central to life and recovery because of our addiction's incredible power and its never-ending desire to have us use again. Regardless of how many days, weeks, months, and years we have been clean and sober, our addiction waits for that moment when it can return, that moment when our humility is lost.

Self-confidence is something we want in our lives because it is paramount to building a solid foundation in recovery. Self-confidence gives us the strength to stand up to the voice of addiction and the other unwanted influences we have in our lives. However, because self-confidence is earned rather than given to us, sometimes, in the process of gaining it, we lose perspective of who we are. That is, we let the successes and achievements sobriety has given us develop into an attitude of arrogance and cockiness.

When we do things like follow through on what we say, create financial independence, and live based on truth and honesty, we earn self-confidence. What comes from living in this manner is a more positive outlook of ourselves and the world around us. We begin to see new opportunities, the potential for personal growth, and experience contentment with who we are being, all of which continue to expand our self-confidence.

However, there is a danger that comes as we build our self-confidence, and that is an inflated ego. The issue is that our ego works in tandem with our addiction. It likes to make us think we are invincible, are cured, and are too stable to fall prey to drugs and alcohol again. This partnership between our ego and addiction wants to convince us that the routines, responsibilities, and demands of recovery are no longer needed because our desire to use is a thing of the past. Thankfully, humility can quiet such thoughts and bring us back to reality.

Humility allows us to stay true to who we are as more and more goodness enters our life. It reminds us that the peace, joy, and fulfillment we gain in recovery are not a product of our achievements but a result of how we are living. Humility keeps us focused on our recovery, regardless of the external rewards we receive because of it. And most importantly, it is what enables us to purposefully use the painful memories of years past as motivation to keep building a better us.

The reality is our addiction never leaves us. It waits for us to begin minimizing the destruction it once caused or even glorify it. It hopes we start relying on the belief that we are clean and sober rather than focusing on the actions we need to take to remain sober. This is why humility must remain a central piece of our character as we continue to achieve all that is available in life and recovery. Without humility and continuous attention to our recovery routines, we are susceptible to our addiction's pressures and irrational thinking, which is when the possibility of using again becomes real.

FOR CONSIDERATION: Some of the common signs that our ego has gotten too large are we start thinking or saying, "I got this," "I don't need meetings," "I am different now," or "that doesn't apply to me." We start believing the thoughts in our head instead of staying disciplined to what we know needs to be done to stay sober. Making excuses, blaming others, and leaving out facts are also common signs that our ego and addiction are again taking control of our decision-making.


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