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Bad Luck

Do you ever take the easy way out and attribute misfortune to being unlucky? It's a take that many of us grab onto when life seems unfair or as though everything we do is wrong. The fact is none of us have bad luck. 

In life and recovery, we have more control over our luck than we might think because luck is not a random chance, but something influenced by the principles and purpose that guide our lives. Don't allow yourself to fall into the trap of believing you are unlucky; instead, take control of your life by ensuring that all your actions are based on a set of core principles and a defined purpose. If you do, the chances your luck improves is guaranteed.

Luck favors those who live by a set of well-defined principles. These principles act as a compass, guiding your decisions and actions. By defining your core values and principles, you establish a foundation for the choices you make in life. This not only helps you stay true to yourself but also attracts opportunities that align with your beliefs. Whether it's integrity, perseverance, or honesty, your principles can be a powerful force in shaping the outcomes you create or, as you might say, your luck.

Similarly, having a clear sense of purpose and setting measurable goals can significantly impact your perception of how lucky you are. When your actions are directed solely at what you find important, you naturally increase the likelihood of achieving your desired outcomes. Think of it as giving luck a direction. By focusing your energy on your objectives, you'll find that serendipitous moments and favorable circumstances start to appear more frequently in your life. 

Life is filled with ups and downs, and setbacks are inevitable. What sets those so-called lucky individuals apart is their resilience in the face of adversity. Instead of viewing challenges as strokes of bad luck, see them as opportunities to learn, grow, and separate yourself from those who are less committed. By maintaining a positive outlook and adapting to life's curveballs, you'll find that you're better equipped to turn unfavorable situations into opportunities for greater reward.

It's easy to attribute our unwanted outcomes to bad luck, but it is wrong to do so. When we believe an outcome occurs because of good or bad luck, we give up our power. Not everything we do works, but over the longer term, if we continue to act based on principle and purpose, we will be just fine, maybe even considered lucky! You have the ability to achieve what you want in life, so do what is necessary to create the outcomes you desire - don't sit around hoping your luck changes.


Choice Recovery is an outpatient integrated clinic that offers physical health and mental health services. We have two locations, Phoenix and Mesa, with a dedicated of team of experienced and passionate individuals. If you are in need of physical health services, medication management, individual counseling, MAT, psychiatric care or substance abuse counseling, please give Choice Recovery a call - 480-527-0337.

Choice Recovery accepts most AHCCCS insurance plans as well as commercial plans. We offer services in the morning, evening, and weekend in person or via telehealth. Our evidence-based integrated approach to care is designed to support individuals who are ready to transform their lives. Thank you!


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