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Authentic Beliefs

Our beliefs are those opinions and convictions that guide our life. We have a comfort and faith that our beliefs will produce happiness and satisfaction in all that we do. These beliefs define our identity, determine our choices, and represent our values. We give them ultimate control over our lives. However, research shows that many of our beliefs are held only because of the influences we have encountered over our lifetime.

This is why in recovery, we are told to question our beliefs and identify where they came from. The fact is, we may be allowing our addiction to define them. Thoughts and feelings like “I’m not good enough” or “life is unfair” can only come from one place, an addiction that is trying to get us to use again. Our addiction will do anything to get more drugs and alcohol, and hijacking our beliefs is the easiest way to make this happen. Once it has control, it can get us to justify thoughts like “I bet it is okay to use marijuana” or “with a little treatment, I probably can learn to drink in moderation.” Furthermore, our addiction can keep us from embracing recovery with statements like (about the rooms of recovery) “I can do this on my own” or “these people don’t understand my problems” or “I don’t belong here.” When an individual abuses drugs and alcohol, it is typically a sign their beliefs are absent of personal ownership. By recognizing where and why your beliefs were generated, you gain the opportunity to take back control and transform your life. The value of treatment and other recovery supports is they provide you with the strength to abandon beliefs that are not your own. You discover the power to act based on your authentic self rather than the rationalized junk your addiction has been feeding you, and you embrace the freedom that comes from living clear of drugs and alcohol. You know you are living based on your authentic beliefs when:

  • you feel good about who you are.

  • you don’t feel the need to continually defend your actions.

  • you stop looking for outside validation on every decision made, And

  • your life is guided by purposeful action based on what you know is right.

When you are living life in this manner, you embrace acceptance and build the confidence to trust yourself. Most importantly, you begin to experience the peace and satisfaction that comes from living life on your terms, rather than those created by your addiction.

About Choice Recovery

Choice Recovery is an integrated substance use disorder behavioral health facility located on the Tempe/Mesa border just south of downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Our outpatient facility welcomes individuals on Medicaid/AHCCCS and private insurance. We offer morning, evening, and telehealth IOP services that including individual counseling and coaching. Please contact us at or 480-527-0337.


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