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At times do you wish you could fast-forward to the next moment in life because the present one is too uncomfortable? While thoughts like these are human, they can become detrimental if too frequent and used inappropriately.

A desire to fast-forward to the next moment means we are missing the wonderment of life. We are missing the chance to learn, grow, and expand our well-being. Living in the “now” is where we find pleasure and is what we control. Whether you believe it or not, the present moment is perfect; it is exactly where you are supposed to be and gives you tremendous power. If you are not living in it, you forfeit this power and the ability to create something more.

The now allows us to make choices that move our lives in the direction we want them to go. It is where all the opportunities of life become available to us. It is a time when solutions are formulated, challenges overcome, and emotions expressed. The present moment is when we can help others, push ourselves, and make a difference.

If you don’t like the present moment, change it. Ask yourself what can be done in the next hour to advance your life forward; then do it! When you wake up tomorrow morning, ask yourself the same question. Answering this question and acting on it every day is how you fast-forward your life in the appropriate manner.

Joy and satisfaction are generated through making purposeful decisions and acting on them. To do this, we must be grateful for all that we have and then choose to make the most of the here and now.


Choice Recovery offers IOP group and individual counseling to residence across the east valley via in-person and telehealth programming. Our evidence-based programming offers a unique and individualized treatment for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Choice Recovery offers IOP groups in the morning and evening and via telehealth. Our groups are led by master's level clinicians and offer a fun and challenging way to build a foundation in recovery. Choice Recovery accepts most AHCCCS insurance plans and many private insurance plans. For more information, please contact us at 480-527-0337 or via email at


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