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Its Time To Make A Different Choice

Recidivism rates are simply to high.


The disease of addiction does not make an addict a victim, it makes them sick; their sickness simply drives them to find solace through external means.  Unfortunately, their struggles are magnified by our society that lacks empathy, knowledge, and systems to adequately treat & support a suffering addict.  Similar to a person seeking treatment for cancer, those who seek help for their addiction don’t want what they have. 


Flaws in the system and societal stereo-types suppress individuals from seeking treatment rather than encouraging a new beginning.  Additionally, traditional industry standards for treatment are reactionary rather than preemptive, fragmented rather than integrated, and payor based rather than patient focused.  That said, solutions are available that give addicts the choice to put their disease in remission.  While years of substance abuse alters and damages the brain, a return to normalcy is possible.  The requirement is simply a discipline, acceptance, and responsibility by the addict for a better way of life and a community that supports them on this journey.


We believe the system needs to be disrupted, the services need to be transformed, and individuals need to be empowered.  Our disruption is designed to align interests among clients, providers, and payors;  integrate the various levels of care, focus on mental health first as it is the driver of physical health, measure progress on the results of the individual rather than the number of days in treatment, and place a responsibility on the addict to do what is right in order to get healthy.   


This holistic approach to recovery creates a pathway to a purposeful life free from drugs and alcohol, but it takes commitment from those on all sides of this equation.  Years of failed measures have kept recidivism rates high, it is time for a change.  It is time to make a different choice.

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