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My Manifesto:

The ability to choose happiness is the greatest gift I have.   

While happiness is not discriminatory, genetic or granted; it is the result of words and action being directed by authentic beliefs.  These beliefs are found deep within my soul and appear only when insecurity, fear, and anxiety have been removed.  Nurtured from birth, these are the principles I find essential to be a grateful and useful individual.

The transparency of the soul requires these principles be void of rationalization and outside influences.  They must be generated through a self-assessment conceived purely by honesty.  When the words I speak, decisions I make, and actions I take consistently align with these beliefs, an abundance of joy and happiness enters my life.

Bigger than words, these are the undeniable truths that set me free.  This freedom permits outcomes to be absent of expectations; to recognize that personal growth has no destination; to meet life’s uncertainty with curiosity; to accept the good in my life with humility and the bad without blame or excuse.

A life based on these principles has only one obstacle, that voice in my head.  Why this voice is not always my friend, I do not know.  However, with a set of core principles as my foundation, my heart as my guide, and acceptance as my discipline, I have all that is required to receive the greatness of life. 


Thus, with gratitude and excitement, today I choose happiness.   

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