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Choice Couples Workshop

Choice Recovery is offering a therapy group tailored specifically for couples.  The program’s focus will be on learning and creating new options for sustaining relationships that support recovery and builds a satisfying lifestyle. This is a closed group offered once a week for 6-weeks. The group is on Monday nights for two hours from, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. In addition to the six therapy groups, couples will have the opportunity to meet weekly with our family and marriage counselor for one-on-one sessions.

Choice Recovery Couples Workshop:


Start Date: Please call to identify when the next couples workshop is starting.

Length: 6-weeks - once per week.

Time: Monday’s from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Where: Choice Recovery (303 N Centennial Way, Mesa, Arizona 85201).

Other: Couples counseling available weekly during the six-week workshop.

Topics discussed in the couples workshop include, but are not limited to:


Session 1 – Assessments and Review of the Sound Relationship House; Celebrating a positive event.

Session 2 – HEART and Family of Origin Filter; Rituals on Connection.

Session 3 - Inter dependency/Codependency, CPR; Compromise Ovals.

Session 4 – Managing Conflict and Gridlock.

Session 5 – Recovery Maps.

Session 6 -  New Routines, Creating Vision.

The power of a couple working together is unstoppable. The enjoyment a couple experiences when supporting each other is heartwarming, and the pleasure a couple shares when in sync is euphoric. The Choice Recovery Couples Workshop is a platform to build a stronger and more fulfilling partnership. Recovery is meant to strengthen our relationships, but that doesn't mean it happens simply through abstinence from drugs and alcohol. It takes acceptance, compromise, and purpose which is the focus of Choice Recovery's Couples Workshop.

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