Choice Book Club

There are few things in life that activate our minds and creative powers as reading a good book does. Whether you enjoy fiction or non-fiction books, reading gives us the opportunity to expand and strengthen our minds, recovery, and well-being. Reading isn't about how fast or slow you read, it is about being taken away from your thoughts in a healthy manner, and nothing does this better than a gifted author.

If your attitude about reading is unfavorable, we here at the Choice Book Club believe that is simple because you have been reading the wrong books. We also believe once you are introduced to a great piece of writing, your opinion on reading will dramatically change.  The Choice Book Club goals are simple:

  • Pair you with a book that will be difficult to put down; trust us, these books are out there

  • Offer a relaxing escape for when life & recovery have us down or when we simply need to get away from it all

  • Expand your mind and your perspective on life, the world, and your self-belief

To enroll in the Choice Book Club is easy - request a book. There are three way to get a book:

  • Send an email to with the name of the book you wish to read.

  • Take the short Choice Book Selector Survey which will identify the perfect book for you.

  • Send an email to saying you wish to read the book of the month.

Within 5-days of completing the survey or sending the email you will receive your book. Read the book, or don’t, but return it to Choice Recovery when you are done. And, if you like, do it all over again!

Choice Book Selection for June

Wrong place, wrong time, wrong lifestyle. When the cards are stacked against you from the beginning you can spiral into the misfortune of it all.  Or, you can persevere despite insurmountable odds. When Kirk Bloodsworth was convicted of a heinous murder in the 1980's, DNA evidence was unheard of.  In the mid-nineties from his prison cell, he made a case that brought his freedom and paved the way to exoneration for many more.  A story of hope and courage from the depths of a death row cell.  


Ask the Choice Selector

To be paired with the perfect book, click-on the button below to take a short survey. The survey asks a few questions about your interests to gain insight about what will be the perfect book for you. Once you complete the survey, the Choice Selector will find and send you a book. Be ready to be taken-away by some of the greatest storytellers in the world! 

Plan to receive your book within 5-day of submitting the survey.

If you would like to read the Choice Book Selection of the month, email Likewise, if there is a specific book you wish to read, email the Choice Book Selector at the same email address with the name of the book and the author. In the email, please provide your full name, phone number, and who your coach is at Choice Recovery.

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