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MAT Support & Titration Program

The Choice Recovery Titration Program provides individuals electing to titrate off MAT services with an integrated, evidence-based treatment program designed and supported by board-certified medical and clinical professionals.

Quality of Care


The option for regular visits with a board-certified addiction medicine specialist to review cravings, progress, dosage, and options.

The development of individualized treatment plans to provide comfort and surety.

Coordination of services with client’s MAT clinic.


Weekly supportive therapy groups specifically designed for individuals titrating off MAT.


One on one counseling to support individuals/families & identify the traumas that stimulate addiction.

Life coaches to provide daily support and encouragement that goes far beyond their medical needs.


Integrated medical services with PCP and access to physical therapists to promote optimal whole-body health.

Identify secondary medical issues or sleep disorders that negatively impact a client's recovery.

Wellness workshops and continuing education that supports nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness.


Individuals struggling with substance use disorders enter treatment with the hope of gaining the skills, purpose and motivation necessary to live life without the use of drugs and alcohol. Through medication-assisted treatment and therapy, recovering addicts take the initial actions needed to reach this goal. As their time in treatment progresses, they begin to understand the benefits life offers when clean and sober. This new reality inspires lifestyle modifications that expand opportunities in the domain areas of career, relationships, and recovery, including a desire to titrate off the very medications that made a drug free life possible.

For more information about the Choice Recovery MAT Support & Titration Group, please call 480-527-0337 or email us at

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